How to Get Back on Track with the Insulin Resistance Diet

Have you ever started on the insulin resistance diet, made some progress than slackened over time because it’s too hard?

How to Get Back on Track with the Insulin Resistance Diet

I have. Despite my determination, it’s easy to go back into bad habits a) because it’s easier and b) because, let’s face it, we are human and sometimes life throws curve balls and unwanted stress.

Guilt is the first thing that hits when I slacken off. And with my family watching what I eat and not eat, there’s extra guilt to deal with – none of which I need in my life. So how to get back on track?

First, I give myself a dose of my own medicine and make myself read this article. Go on, click on it. It opens in a new window. Read it then come back.

Fine, you’ll read it later….

Here are the steps I take when I’ve been slack in my regime.

  1. Read the article for inspiration. Seriously, I wrote it to help others. It helps me as well.
  2. Start a food diary for a week or 10 days. You’d be surprised how little of the bad stuff you don’t eat when you have to write it down.
  3. Write down a 1 week meal plan: breakfast, morning snack if you have one, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner. By planning the menu, it’s easier to stick to it as well as do the shopping.
  4. Be stricter on portion control. My weakness is the afternoon snack and dinner. Whatever you’re eating for a snack, put it all on a plate so that you see the size and volume you’re about to eat. It serves as a reminder if you’re eating too much.
  5. For dinner, remember the old, protein the size of your palm on a plate, the rest is vegetables? Again, having the food on a plate all at once instead of picking at share plates helps you with portion control.

The first few days are difficult. If you slip up, tell yourself that you’ll do better the next day but only use that excuse once. Let’s do what we can to kick this condition to the kerb.

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