Share Your Insulin Resistance Story

Dear Readers

With this little blog turning 3 years today, I wanted to give something back to all the amazing people who have read, commented, found this blog helpful and shared their stories.

Share Your Insulin Resistance Story

Over the years, I have received the loveliest comments from people thanking me for creating this insulin resistance recipe blog and how it’s helping them with their struggles. It means a lot to me as this was one of the reasons I started this blog.

In this post, “Share Your Insulin Resistance Story” which will remain pinned at the top, I invite anyone to share their story and their progress in the comments. Over the years, many people have told me about their journey on different parts of the blog and it would help others to have it all in the one place for people to come back to and see how we’re all doing.

The comments are moderated and I will approve them as soon as I can. All I ask is if you’re replying to someone, please keep it positive and encouraging as we’re all in this together :)

Much Love

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  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. You’ve alluded to having to eat away from home. How do you handle social situations that often revolve around food? e.g meeting friends to catch up over dinner. What do you eat?

    • Hi Karen and welcome. Eating out is very difficult and it depends on the cuisine. Actually, it’s a post I’ve been wanting to write for some time so thanks for the reminder :)

      Basically, if I’m eating out at restaurants, I skip bread, pasta, rice, noodles, and high carbs where possible and veer towards protein-heavy and veg dishes. I don’t have a sweet tooth so not having dessert is not a problem. If I know I’m catching with friends at say, an Italian restaurant serving pizza and pasta, I cut down as much as I can on carbs on the days before and after dining out so I can have a little bit without overdoing it.

      As for having dinner at friends’ place, I don’t tell everyone about my condition so I apply the same principles. Usually there’s some carb heavy side dish and a salad or green veg. If they know I’m on a low carb diet, they usually ask me what I can eat. As I don’t like to impose much, I often tell them to cook what they like and I’ll just go easy on any carbs or ask if I could have some non starchy veg as a side dish. Sometimes it comes as a welcome surprise. At a recent dinner at friends’ place, I was expecting the diet to be blown out but everything they served was low carb, they even made zucchini pasta!

      I’ll get around to that article soon… :)

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