Top 10 Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

Before I was diagnosed with insulin resistance, I had no idea what the problem was. I felt that my body was going out of control and I couldn’t pinpoint the reason. I had regular blood sugar level tests as diabetes runs in my family but my blood sugar levels hovered around 5.5.

I made a list of symptoms that I had at the time which I took to my doctor. I decided to share the list so here they are, my Top 10 Symptoms of Insulin Resistance.

Top 10 Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

Top 10 Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

1. Excessive hunger after 1 hour of eating

Within an hour of eating, often a large meal, I would fell insanely hungry. I had hunger pains which were unbearable at times. The only way to rectify was to eat something. And the cycle continued.

2. Rapid Weight Gain

My weight increased every 2-3 weeks. All my clothes were getting tight, right down to underwear, stockings and shoes. I had to buy bigger size clothes but then they wouldn’t fit after 2-3 weeks.

3. Large Girth Size

My belly size was the widest part of me and I could rarely find clothes that fitted this “distorted” figure that I developed.

4. Massive Heartburn

Along with the uncontrollable hunger, I would get moderate to severe heartburn which sometimes would wake me up in the middle of the night. At times, I couldn’t breathe. One way to help the heartburn was to eat something, no matter how small.

5. Craving Carbs

This might have been a clue but I didn’t realise it until my specialist asked the question. My reply was a no, then he asked me what I ate for lunch and dinner, and the light bulb went on. Pasta, rice, potatoes, bread albeit in low fat dishes.

6. Fluid Retention

I was bloated. I would swell like a balloon at times, especially in the face in spite of taking fluid retention tablets to the point that I couldn’t wear some shoes on certain days.

7. Trouble Walking

I had trouble walking in general, particularity uphill. Suddenly, stairs became a challenge. Taking a shower left me tired. Getting dressed (trousers, socks etc) became a huge effort. I began to move very slowly.

8. General Discomfort

No matter if I was sitting, standing or lying down I felt uncomfortable in my body. Even wearing the most comfortable of clothes, I couldn’t feel that my body was at rest. I was lethargic most of the time.

9. Low Moods

Not surprisingly, my mood bordered on depression. I felt very self conscious and worried because I was out of control.

10. Appetite Suppressants Didn’t Work

In my desperate attempts to lose weight, and under the guidance of my doctor, I took appetite suppressants. I had the worst symptoms and after 1 month on the medication, I lost just one kilogram, most likely just fluid.

The Good News

I have been on the insulin resistance diet recommended by my specialist for about 9 months and I am happy to say that most of the symptoms above have either completely disappeared or have become very infrequent. I also noticed by giving up processed food, my palate improved dramatically and I can taste food a lot better than before. I have lost just under 10 kg and about 17 cm off the waist (it fluctuates). For a petite person, the effect is phenomenal and my specialist is very pleased with my progress.

It’s not easy and it’s bloody hard work at times. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my work requires me not to eat at home in the evenings, so it’s very tough sticking to the food that I cook for all three meals. But I have been very diligent at other times and I see the results.I am  not on Metformin (had a severe reaction) so it’s all controlled by diet. I will be having a blood test on the year anniversary of the diagnosis.

I hope this helps anyone who has been diagnosed with insulin resistance or pre-diabetes or is feeling like I did, out of control. If you find it useful, please feel free to share on social media.

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  1. Wow these were exactly the symptoms I was having until I was told I was insulin-resistant. My insulin levels are 33 and haven’t come down even with Metformin. Looking forward to trying your recipes!
    Thanks Amanda

  2. My insulin level is 35; been on Metformin for a week but I will definitely be trying the insulin resistance diet!

  3. I don’t really have any symptoms, but my lab work indicates I have pre diabetes. I’ve been paleo for 4 years already so it must be a lack of exercise for me. However I bought a sprializer a few months ago and haven’t really used it. Hope I can find some ideas here. Also hope you are continuing to improve.

  4. Hi, iam severe insulin resistance 232, iam on metformin. But iam not able reduce weight, it s leaves me in lot of stress. Pls pls share ur story and complete food habits, it will help me a lot…

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